CAS (Card Administration System) - a fully integrated solution into Avaloq
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Multi Trade Ticket Interface (MuTTI) - your FX/MM backoffice solution!
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Monex Convenience Solutions - avaloq extensions since 1998 - we know how to!
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In the stream Products we combine pronounced banking know-how with the excellence in software engineering to define unique, user-friendly IT solutions for financial institutions. [more]


We offer a wide palette of services to our customers. It starts in the area of business and IT consulting, covers the customization of standard software (parametrization), implementation of projects of all sizes, development of state-of-the-art products and solutions and goes to application management and IT operations. [more]


New CAS client, Credit Stress Test and Trailer Fee - june 2016
Lucerne Kantonalbank and Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank are productive with CAS (Card Administration Syste...
Survey MuTTI Deal Capture - april 2016
MuTTI Deal Capture enables automated placement of foreign exchange trades on a selected trading platfor...