VP Bank new MuTTI customer (June 2019)

VP Bank AG in Vaduz decided last year to introduce our product MuTTI with two adapters. At the beginning of December, the first adapter was put into productive operation. At the beginning of this year, the second adapter was also available in the productive environment.
The group-wide trades have since been booked automated in the back office around the clock within seconds of their completion. The interface also takes into account country specifics. Therefore the necessary information for the reporting of the trades to the regulatory authorities of the respective countries is automatically determined and stored.


CAS Community Event – June 12, 2019

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Monex will be holding the CAS Community Event. It will take place in the premises of the Luzerner Kantonalbank in Lucerne. All customers of the Monex Card Administration System (CAS) are cordially invited.
  • Welcome
  • Roadmap CAS
    • Review
    • Outlook
      • Product changes
      • Market changes
      • Look in the cristal ball 2050
      • Goals for 2020
    • Offer for community banks
  • New card products
    • SIX
    • Viseca
  • Market monitoring
  • Community projects
  • Community talk
    • Example: digital banking topics
    • Monex: document update CAS product
    • Definition Break Out Sessions from the afternoon
  • Break Out Sessions (afternoon)
  Please contact us if you have not received an invitation yet!

MuTTI: 360T adapter converted to FIX (02.11.2018)

MuTTI has been supporting the trading system 360T of Deutsche Börse Group for many years. Instead of the proprietary API, we have now converted the connection to the standard FIX protocol. This allows new legal requirements such as Mifid2 to be considered.
With FXall, MuTTI supports a total of fifteen (15) trading platform!
Read more about MuTTI and its functionality here... [MuTTI]

MuTTI: new FXall adapter (09.08.2018)

MuTTI now supports the Thomson Reuters FXall multibank platform for foreign exchange trading.
With the most actual release of MuTTI we are able to transmit the commited fx deals from FXall straight through (stp) and near real time to your corebanking system Avaloq and/or position keeping system Front Arena.
With FXall, MuTTI supports a total of fifteen (15) trading platform!
Read more about MuTTI and its functionality here... [MuTTI]

Successful Participation at the Job Fairs in Rapperswil and Buchs (06/29/2018)

For the first time ever Monex participated at the job fairs at the technical institutes in Rapperswil and Buchs. Although being looked at as fairly exotic as a financial service provider in these technical environments, we were thrilled about the massive students' attention and the many contacts we made.
We are convinced that the regular participation at these events will add beneficially to our recruitment strategy. The job fairs are organized very professionally. Rapperswil and Buchs, we will be back!

MuTTI supports the trading system Front Arena (04/20/2018)

With the current MuTTI release, we also support the trading and position keeping system Front Arena from Sungard.

With Front Arena, the first integration of a position keeping system could now be realized. All forex-, money market-, futures- and interest rate swap deal confirmations from various dealing systems are transmitted to Front Arena by one single interface. When connecting new trading systems to MuTTI, these trades are also delivered to Front Arena automatically and without any further interface adjustments.

So far, the focus of MuTTI has been the automated delivery and booking of all trades of the connected trading systems to the corebanking system Avaloq. However, MuTTI was designed from the beginning to deliver additional banking, risk or position management systems.


You have Avaloq and Front Arena in place at the same time?

This scenario is also supported! Upon request, MuTTI can supply both systems at the same time! Thus, the bookings and positions in Avaloq and Front Arena can be kept synchronized without any further interface.

We have expanded our clear dealblotter to the effect that the status of the trades is still recognizable at a glance. Regardless of the system in which the booking is to be made: MuTTI displays the processing status of each system using the traffic light colors green / yellow / red.


Read more about MuTTI and its functionality here... [MuTTI]


Open Bank API Strategy (03/19/2018)

We help and support banks with the definition and implementation of an open API strategy. Open your platform against the whole ecosystem of fintecs. Rather participate in the digital transformation than being blown away by it. We support you to build a bridge from todays monolithic world into the future of micro services.
Not just a prerequisite for a performing and open API, but also for big data analysis, OLAP etc. We rely on proven open source solutions. Performance, scalability, high availability, reliability and disaster recovery result from an elaborate architecture. Let our experts inspire you.

CardX/ATM Futura Adapter for Avaloq Successfully Productive with Various Banks (03/04/2018)

With ATM Futura, the multi-vendor software from NCR Switzerland Ltd, all client and admin functions can be managed centrally with SIX. Along with ATM Futura come further enhancements in the interface between the ATM and the backoffice application.
Monex developed a standard interface to CardX for Banks using Avaloq. The interface can be implemented with little effort by any bank using CardX. Static account and card data is transfered to CardX, as are the disposable balances of accounts. Prebookings, withdrawals and completed transactions are transfered to the bank/Avaloq and processed immediately. With this new CardX interface from Monex the bank is ready for ATM Futura.

Position Transfer Made Easy (02/23/2017)

In order to transfer positions to a counterparty, it is necessary to perform time-consuming evaluations concerning the required delivery details as well as any effected custodians. The delivery process is furthermore not always supported optimally by the system. The Monex Convenience Solution (MCSPosition Transfer greatly reduces the time required for evaluation by achieving a high level of automation. The process is supported by an integrated workflow, which is easily comprehensible and fully documented thanks to the well-prepared and mailable advice.

Credit Frontend – Wizard Support for the Credit Application Process (02/22/2017)

Credit Frontend is a new Monex Convenience Solution (MCS) that simplifies the credit application process and allows to relocate it to the front.
Data entry within the standard credit application process is focussing on backoffice employees. The well guided and structured data entry process of the Credit Frontend provides a comprehensive tool for less credit skilled employees, even with the possibility of automated approval by the system.