In the stream Products we combine pronounced banking know-how with the excellence in software engineering to define unique, user-friendly IT solutions for financial institutions.

Our solutions are characterized by three key features:


User-FriendlinessBild: Produkte
Right from the beginning our business consultants, which solve problems at the customer’s site daily, are involved in the development of the software. This assures that we understand the questions and needs of our customers in full detail. The iterative and interactive development process where the customer is involved and in contact with the solution early and can influence the further development, assure that the functionality is precise and the usability is efficient and optimized according to the customer’s requirements.

Integration into existing Core Banking Solutions
Monex claims to warrant 100% compatibility to future releases. Integration interfaces are certified with the manufacturer of the core banking solution and/or third-party systems.

Enhancements and Extensions of the available Core Banking Solution

The challenges of the future in the financial industry can only be met by an improved cost/income-ratio. Core banking solutions with their high degree of integration support this, but depending on prioritization by the manufacturer can have flaws or long wait cycles for missing functionality. It’s here that Monex traditionally steps into the breach and offers a complementary solution with its services and products.